The Craziest Bets In Casinos Around The World

Normally, when someone places a bet in a casino, they will use money. This will be standard cash, money that would usually be sitting in a bank account somewhere. And they will play the usual games at, not asking or doing anything different. Yet sometimes, some people – for whatever reason they choose – decide to do something different. Here are some examples of times that have happened. 

Two Suitcases

William Lee Bergstrom was an interesting character, and he may either be one of the most confident people in the world, or one of the stupidest; no one really knows. What we do know is that in the 1980s, this meant walking into a casino carrying two suitcases. One of the suitcases had nothing in it at all, and the other containing a whopping $777,000. 

Bergstrom took his full suitcase and placed every penny of that $777,000 on the don’t pass line on a craps game. That’s $777,000 on just one bet on a game that is notoriously difficult to win. And then… that’s just what he did. He won. 

So what was the empty suitcase for? Well, William Lee Bergstrom used that empty suitcase to gather up his winnings, and when he was done doing that, he walked right out of the casino again. 

A Winning Streak

Now, there is no such thing as a winning streak, but sometimes things happen that can make it easier to believe in them than not. This was the case with Archie Karas, who was a professional poker player. One day, after losing very badly, Karas only had $50 left in the world. It was either give up entirely, or give it one more shot, and this latter is what he did. 

Of course, he didn’t turn $50 into the $40million fortune he went on to amass that night, but it was a start. What he did was borrow $10,000 from a friend. Now, if that friend had said no, the story would have been a different one, and we have no idea what Karas would have gone on to do. But the friend said yes, and Karas played on. He won $40million, paid the friend back with interest, and we’re sure he enjoyed a happy life with his fortune after that! 

Betting Your House

The term ‘betting the house’ is a common one, but it normally just means betting everything you have on you at the time – putting all your chips into one game, for example. Yet the term was taken literally by Ashley Revel when he was playing roulette in Las Vegas. He decided to bet most of his properties on just one game, with a 50/50 chance of success. 

Revel decided to put everything he had (literally) on black, hence the 50/50 chance. And then, just before the dealer stopped the betting, he changed his mind and went to red. Which is exactly where the ball landed. Was that pure dumb luck or had he had a flash of psychic knowledge? Whatever it was, he ended up with a huge amount of money for his trouble.

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