Another Transition is Upon Us, We are About to Become Grandparents!

Without a doubt the adjustment to life after the kids all move out is a big one. In our minds it was big enough to necessitate drastic measures. So we sold our house, bought a beat up old motorhome, and set out on our GypsyNester adventure.

Little did we know at the time that the vagabond life we thought would be temporary would last ten years and take us to fifty seven countries on six continents and inspire a best selling book, but we followed the path where ever it led and here we are.

Now the time has come for another huge life changing occurrence, our time between becoming empty nesters and grandparents is coming to an end.

We couldn’t be more thrilled!

We knew we would be excited at the prospect of a new generation coming into the family, as we wrote years ago from Veronica’s point of view, and also from David’s. However, back then the thought of a grandchild was still very much hypothetical.

Now it is real and just as we did with our approach to empty nesting, we will set out to make the very most of this new chapter of our lives.

The problem is, we are not exactly sure how to go about that.

One hurdle to overcome is that our daughter lives in Paris with her French husband. Obviously not the best situation for getting to see the new addition to the family anywhere near as frequently as we will want, but on the other hand, there is very little danger of us being too pesky by dropping in way too often.

Even for seasoned travelers such as ourselves, it also means that we will be extra vigilant in our quest to find the cheapest air fares. Everything will be on the table, CheapOair coupons, frequent flyer miles, red eyes, layovers, puddle jumpers, crop dusters, wing walking, routing through Patagonia, we might even stow away if we can, but we will find ways to get there.

Another snag is that we have recently moved on to a boat (more on that coming up soon here on and the soon to be parents are not very comfortable with a little one running around on a floating home.

Neither of these obstacles are insurmountable, we will just have to budget in travel expenses for France and perhaps renting an Air B&B for when the little one visits us.

So with that in mind we can look for the silver lining in these clouds. A grandchild in Paris means we will certainly be visiting La Ville-Lumière more often, and that sounds great for everything except our wallets.

Another plus is that our petit bébé will grow up with two native tongues and will also have the opportunity to spend a great deal of time on two continents. Then when he or she is old enough, we can head out on the open seas.

In the meantime, while we wait in excited anticipation, we have already begun to buy presents.

Now if we can only address the biggest problem of all. How are we ever going to make it through the next few months of waiting?

David & Veronica,

Since we are beside ourselves with excitement we are no doubt overlooking some stuff. Please, any grandparents out there, give us some tips in the comments below based on your experiences.

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3 thoughts on “Another Transition is Upon Us, We are About to Become Grandparents!”

  1. Congratulations to both of you! It doesn’t get any better than having grandchildren, it’s a whole new world!
    It’s love at first sight, your heart will melt!
    You can never spoil them with love.
    FaceTime is amazing, so much nicer to “see “ them.
    As they get older it’s very easy to spoil them with material things…toys, games, electronics ect..
    My rule of thumb now, especially at the holidays, is to stick to the 4 gift rule:
    1- buy them something they WANT
    2- buy them something they NEED
    3- buy them something to WEAR
    4- buy them something to READ
    Birthdays, I take them out for a fun day…give them your time, make some memories. I also give them (their parents) a check for their college account.
    Once baby is here, you’ll know exactly what you want to do! Enjoy every precious moment, it goes by fast.

  2. Congratulations. Exciting news for sure. Our daughter is also expecting her first child – at the end of April. Our daughter and her husband live half way across the country from us so we also will not be seeing our grandbaby as frequently as we may want. I suspect our future travels are going to focus more on one location than others!

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