Post-Parting Depression: Saying Good-bye to My Adult Kids

Having just returned from our first visit to our eldest’s new home in Paris, we felt that this is a good time to take another look at this story.

I’ve got an issue and I need help! I’m hoping I’ll get a lot of suggestions on this post from our amazingly insightful readers…


Veronica Writes

I’ve got an issue and I need help! I’m hoping I’ll get a lot of suggestions on this post from our amazingly insightful readers.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” -Dr Seuss

Having The Spawn come and go in such short and hectic celebratory spurts gave me some interesting insight into how I deal with my empty nest good-byes.

Not well, it seems.

No matter how long they’ve been out of the nest, no matter how happy they are, no matter how I prepare myself, no matter how much I write about it – I can’t seem to keep myself from being head-over-heels depressed every time I have to say good-bye to my young adult offspring.

It hits me like a ton of bricks. Seriously, I cry like Tammy Faye Bakker on the second day of her period — a regular air-sucking, mascara-dripping, please-God-nobody-see-me sob fest.

One would think I’d be used to good-byes by now. Or that I’ve somehow figured out how to prepare for the letdown. After all, The Spawn are all finished with college and it’s been over ten years since we’ve had a full time, live-in offspring.

Prior to a visit, I’m obnoxiously ecstatic. Bouncing off the walls happy. I certainly don’t want to tarnish that feeling with the planning of the inevitable pit of despair at the end. So instead, I’ve been leaving an open void of time — just waiting there for me to fall into, dragging self-pity in behind me.

Seeing The Spawn never fails to fulfill me. I am always surprised at how easily I can slip fully back into Mommy mode, it’s a huge part of who I am. When I’m around them I smile bigger, laugh harder and feel so comfortably myself. The heartstrings sing — and dig in hard.

Having to let go from those good-bye hugs at the airport is literally physically challenging. I feel like I’ve just run a marathon (okay, I’ve never actually run a marathon, but it looks really difficult). I can’t catch my breath, there’s a tightening in my chest and exhaustion soon sets in.

I have to force myself not to take to my bed with my smelling salts.

On the plus side, I’m finding that I have a quicker recovery time. What used to last weeks is now a matter of days.

Growth, right?

Does this mean it gets gradually easier until the post-parting depression goes completely away? Or do I need to learn to brace myself for the inevitable and learn new ways to cope with it?


YOUR TURN: Do you have similar experiences? Any advice on how I can avoid post-parting depression? Suggestions, please!

Goin’ for the Gold (Coast) in Australia

We may be nuts, but we’re not crazy! Of course we jumped at the chance to spend a few days along Queensland’s Gold Coast.

This dazzling stretch along the Coral Sea has become Australia’s playground for food, fun, surf, and sun.

From our first look at the towering skyline and enticing water… CONTINUE READING >>

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Peppers Broadbeach from above in Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaWe may be nuts, but we’re not crazy! Of course we jumped at the chance to spend a few days along Queensland’s Gold Coast.

This dazzling stretch along the Coral Sea has become Australia’s playground for food, fun, surf, and sun.

From our first look at the towering skyline and enticing water off of our balcony at Peppers Broadbeach we knew we had struck gold.

Toasting our good fortune at Peppers Broadbeach

Gold Coast Dreamin’

The Buzzsaw at Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Australia

We couldn’t visit the coast without a stop at Dreamworld, Australia’s largest theme park. With rides like The Buzzsaw, The Cyclone, and The Giant Drop from the Tower of Terror we knew that we were in for a thrill.

What we didn’t know was that we were in for one of the wildest adventures of our lives, feeding an enormous crocodile. That surprise was sprung on us once we entered the park.David feeds a crocodile at Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

It’s hard to say if falling nearly 400 feet from the world’s second highest vertical drop ride helps prepare a person for staring into the teeth of a 1,500 pound eating machine, but we decided to give it a try before heading over to the croc pond.

Figured it would either steady our resolve or make us too weak in the knees to care…

Click here to see us feeding crocs – with video!

A Journey with the Original Australians

The Dreamworld Corroboree Theater in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
The Dreamworld Corroboree Theater in Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaThe Dreamworld Corroboree Theater was just the ticket. Built in a replica bush hut called a humpy, the theater runs a film and features interactive exhibits about the local Yugambeh people.

Outside, Aboriginals tell stories and give demonstrations of traditional arts and weapons. Boomerangs and spears seemed downright tranquil compared to a giant mouthful of teeth.

Boomerang demonstration at Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The Gold Coast’s Surf Culture – It All Started with Saving Lives

David gives surfing a go on Kurrawa Beach in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

After a day in the park, and all of the eating going on, it was time for us to do a little chowing ourselves.

From our room at Peppers Broadbeach we could see the Kurrawa Surf Club and heard it was a great spot for some seaside seafood. We heard right but, before digging in, we first dug up a little background.

Kurrawa Surf Club in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Veronica is wearing her Kaf. Tanned at Kurrawa Beach in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Watching surf lessons on Kurrawa Beach Veronica’s kaftan courtesy of Kaf.Tanned

Each stretch of beach has its own club that oversees safety for the swimmers and surfers in that area. Kurrawa has been keeping beach-goers safe along their beach since 1958.

But the tradition of surf clubs in Australia goes back over one hundred years to when laws against swimming in the ocean were challenged and the beginnings of Surf Life Saving Australia, SLSA, took hold.

Now, over 165,000 members and 65,000 junior members known as Nippers, who range from 5 to 13 years old, participate in beach safety and awareness skills training, as well as competitions.

Dress code at Kurrawa Surf Club in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The clubs have also become social organizations for each neighborhood, with restaurants, banquet rooms, dance halls, and some even have casinos.

Non members like us are allowed to come in as guests, but only if they live outside of the area served by the club. Locals must join.

Tower of delicious seafood at Kurrawa Surf Club, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Certainly no one would hesitate if they knew about the seafood platter for two. This tower of goodies features “A selection of trawler caught seafood… Prawns, sautéed bugs, chilled crab, mussels, oysters, smoked salmon, and flash fried morsels…”

Wait, go back, sautéed bugs? That must mean crawfish, mud bugs, like in Louisiana. But it didn’t, those are known as yabby in Australia.

Bug means Balmain or Moreton Bay bugs, types of slipper lobsters that are a smaller cousin of the spiny lobster. These were something we had never seen, or tasted before. Served as split tails, they had a flavor and texture somewhere between shellfish and fish filet.

We were curious now, and wanted to know what these critters looked like before they found themselves cracked and stacked on our tower.

Going Around the Middle Man – Finding the Bug’s Source

The Fisherman's Co-op in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
The Fisherman's Co-op in Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaWe asked around and the Gold Coast Fishermen’s Co-Op was the place to find them.

Just so happened that it was going on the next morning, so we rented some bikes and pedaled off toward the marina.

The co-op allows a group of boats to set up shop on the docks and sell their morning catch directly off the boat.

The Fisherman's Co-op in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Yabby in Australia. Bug means Balmain or Moreton Bay bug in QueenslandIt doesn’t get any fresher than that, and we got to see a bug intact.

But we couldn’t figure out how we might go about eating one right on the beach, so we settled on a bag of freshly steamed shrimp, known as prawns down here (and blowing the whole “shrimp on the barbie” quote out of the water!), and sat on the rocks for the ultimate sack lunch.

Picnic on the spit near The Fisherman's Co-op in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Biking along the coastline in Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaWait. What? That’s Made out of SAND?

Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaContinuing along the coastline on our trusty beach cruisers, we came upon the Wait. What? That’s Made out of SAND?Australian Sand Sculpting Championships.

Fantastic forms fitting the theme of Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales lined the promenade along the Pacific shore in Surfers Paradise and several other of the whimsically named communities, like Mermaid Beach and Paradise Island, along the waterfront.

Artists at work at the Sand Scupting Championships in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Troll under the bridge at the Sand Scupting Championships in Gold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaEntries were judged in several categories including Australia against The World. In that competition two teams of invited artists, one from Australia and the other from around the globe, vied for king of the sandbox.

All in all, over 180 tons of sculpted sand became temporary masterpieces. It seemed a shame that someday these whimsical works of art will be washed away.

Click here to see more of these amazing sand sculptures!

Cowabunga! A Less-Than Stellar Attempt at Surfing!
David takes surf lessons on Kurrawa Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
David’s only “successful” ride! His tee courtesy of aussieBum, his swimmers, Billabong

With all of the talk of surfing, and since we were staying right by Surfers Paradise, it seemed like a golden opportunity to give surfing a go.

Peppers hotel from the beach in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
We can see our room from here: Peppers Broadbeach looms over David from the beach!

Our attempts on the long board were somewhat less that cowabunga-worthy, but we did manage to get a few good rides in on the boogie boards.

Maybe we should have tried paddleboards. From what we have seen this in this comprehensive guide they are much easier.

Oh well, even with the multiple wipe outs and tumbles, we were glad we gave it a try.

All in all, an amazing afternoon on Kurrawa Beach – and, luckily, we didn’t require a rescue by a Nipper.

Can You Eat Your Way to Heaven?

Social Eating House + Bar, Gold Coast, QueenslandThat evening, we were lured to Social Eating House + Bar like a cartoon animal floating behind a visible wave of luxurious scent.

Social Eating House + Bar, Gold Coast, Queensland
We love a kitchen garden! From our perch we watched ultra-fresh herbs and micro-greens artfully placed on each beautiful dish.

Right across the street from our temporary home at Peppers, in the little village of shops and restaurants that surround the hotel, Social was certainly convenient. But that turned out to be way down the list of reasons to love the place.

Decor, style, seating along the kitchen where we watched everything being prepared (dinner and a show!), and the food, ooooooh the food, all topped the list.

Innovative specialities are served in small portions like tapas, enabling us to sample over half a dozen different dishes. It was like an appy crawl without ever leaving our seats.

As the name implies, shared plates equal a truly social experience.

Confit Pork Belly, Spiced Plum, Parsnip Puree, Crackling Crumbed Prawn, Apple Cider Jusat Social Eating House + Bar, Gold Coast, Queensland

We ordered a couple of dishes to start, then decided what we wanted next by watching orders as they came out of the kitchen.

We asked our server “Ooooh that looks great, what is it?” several times and wound up with… see our entire, incredible meal at Social Eating House + Bar

And we thought those crocs knew how to eat. Take that you leapin’ lizards!

David & Veronica,

Delve Deeper:
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Watch us feed crocs!
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Watch us skydive above beautiful Queensland – yikes!
Follow us into the Australian Hinterland and kayak the Noosa Everglades!
Find out how we saw all of the bizarre Australian animals in one place!
Let Us Introdoos-ya to Noosa and Spread a Little Sunshine Coast

Huge thanks to Tourism and Events Queensland for providing this adventure! As always, all opinions are our own.

Click here to see all of our adventures in Queensland!

New Year’s Eve on the Brooklyn Bridge!

Looking to spend New Year’s Eve in The Big Apple? The Brooklyn Bridge is both free of charge AND priceless…

Looking to spend New Year’s Eve in The Big Apple?

Millions do every December 31st, but enduring the crowds and craziness of Times Square sure didn’t appeal to us.

There are numerous clubs with parties and bands all over town, fancy restaurants with special dinners and enormous price tags, hotels with rot-gut champagne packages, cruises on the rivers, and even a lung-busting midnight fun run through Central Park.

But we found a fast growing new tradition for our New York New Year revelry – walking across The Brooklyn Bridge. Both free of charge AND priceless.

We began our crossing at about a quarter past eleven, which gave us enough time for a stroll across the bridge and then get back to the middle in time for the countdown to midnight.

The views of the Manhattan skyline, the river,  The Statue of Liberty, and the other bridges would make for a fantastic walk on any day or night of the year, but since we had the chance, why not on the eve of a new year?

With about ten minutes left until the big moment, we crowded our way to the center of the bridge. It was packed with revelers, which was not a bad thing since the wind had picked up and the temperature dropped down.

We gladly shared our body heat and excited smiles.

Just before midnight a the countdown began, 3…, 2…, 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hugs and greetings were exchanged between strangers and loved ones alike while fireworks brightly exploded in several locations around the city. Champagne corks popped and toasts were offered as everyone celebrated.


6 Most Common Mistakes That May Ruin Your Camping Trip

Going camping is simultaneously a rite of passage, a cost-effective way to spend a weekend, and a great bonding experience for friends or family. So let’s talk about the six most common ways that camping trips can be ruined and figure out some strategies to make sure that your trip is more fab than drab… CONTINUE READING >> 

Going camping is simultaneously a rite of passage, a cost-effective way to spend a weekend, and a great bonding experience for friends or family. However, even though it takes place in the rugged outdoors, having a great camping experience can be a surprisingly sensitive event! You may have heard that all food tastes better when it’s prepared outdoors—and that’s definitely true. But, on the flip side, if any of your gear gets a tiny bit cold or wet—or if you forgot anything important, like your power station—then the entire trip may be ruined.

Let’s talk about the six most common ways that camping trips can be ruined—and figure out some strategies to make sure that your trip is more fab than drab in an actionable, achievable way.

1. Failing to Set Up Camp Appropriately. Things like a tarp under your tent or the so-called ‘optional’ rain fly when the forecast predicts sunny weather might seem like a waste of time or money. However, setting up inadequate gear inappropriately is the easiest way to make sure that you wake up cold, damp, and miserable. Always prepare for weather worse than expected—and take the extra fifteen minutes to set your camp up the way the instructions tell you to!

2. Forgetting that You Need a Power Source. Campers of yesteryear might have been able to get by without a power source, but in today’s day and age, you likely need at least a way to charge your phone or have a light on to head to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Sometimes your car’s battery might suffice for this—and, sometimes, it might not. When you’re shopping for your trip, make sure to pick up a portable power station to make sure that your camping experience goes smoothly.

3. Failing to Put Away the Food Properly. No matter in which region of the nation you’re going camping, there will be wildlife around. That’s part of the reason you wanted to go camping in the first place, right? However, to avoid having unexpected and unwanted visits from large animals in the middle of the night, you need to make sure that you put anything edible back in your car. Otherwise, you might wake up to a bear ravaging your supplies—and that won’t make for a great experience.

4. Not Knowing Your Poisonous Plants. The last thing you need if you’re going on a hike is to come back with uncomfortable welts and rashes. Is the spin-off trail that you’re thinking of going down to see the beautiful gorge covered with poison sumac? Hopefully you know! It’s a good idea to take a few minutes ahead of time to make sure that you know the basic ‘leaves of three, let them be’ types of monikers that can help you know which plants to avoid.

5. Not Wearing Appropriate Gear for Hiking. The one thing that might be able to help you if you don’t know your poisonous plants? Wearing the right types of shoes and pants for hiking. The right shoes can protect you from much more than just an itch, however. There are snakes in the wilderness, and some of them bite to kill. Make sure that you’re fully protected by investing in a good pair of snake boots — the shoe that may literally be able to save your life.

6. Getting to the Campsite Too Late. If you’ve chosen a campsite that’s far away from your home, if you hit traffic on the way there, or if anything happens to get you to your campsite after the sun goes down, you may be in for a bit of a bumpy ride. Setting up a tent properly is not a difficult thing to do—but if you’re doing it with your flashlight held in your mouth, it’s going to be exponentially harder. Not only that, if you’re setting up camp late at night, wildlife is likely to be just waking up—making it easier for small spiders and squirrels to crawl over to see what you’re doing. You’re also more likely to forget to set up your power source, run out of time to build a fire, or forget to put away your food if you’re running late!

Going camping can be a fantastic and economical way to have fun! However, you want to make sure you definitely do it properly, or it can be more an exercise in torture. Be prepared, know your plants, and get ready to have a great time.

We are happy to present this collaborative post to offer valuable information to our readers.

The GypsyNesters in the Media

The GypsyNesters in the media! Thank you!

Every once in a while, we are hit over the head by a ton of bricks. While this would normally be cause for concern, this particular brickload is one of gratitude.

We have been blessed with amazing accolades from amazing folks! We have done really fun interviews and have been included in some pretty prestigious publications. We are truly honored. Click in to see why... CONTINUE READING >>


The GypsyNesters in the media!

Please send all media inquiries to Download our interactive media kit
Media information for
Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All

Pretty cool to be featured in one of America’s greatest newspapers, The Chicago Tribune! Okay, so we’re not sure who the people are in the photos—but we’re uber-excited to be in the text.

Click image to enlarge
The GypsyNesters in the Chicago Tribune

Click image to enlargeThe GypsyNesters in the Chicago Tribune!

We’ve teamed up Humana with tips on kicking YOUR Generation Encore into high, healthy gear with full page advertorial appearing in the August/September 2016 issues Real Simple, Cooking Light, Southern Living, Sunset, Coastal Living, Golf, and Money magazines!

What an honor it is to share our story and tips in top magazines:

Click image to enlarge
How to stay healthy as you age!

Click image to enlarge
How to stay healthy as you age!

So proud to be honored by TripAdvisor!

“Who says millennials do it better? When it comes to travel, age is but a number. As you think about retirement and all that free time you’ll have, consider taking a different approach.

TripAdvisor rounded up 20 baby boomer travel bloggers as inspiration to get out there and travel”… SEE ‘EM ALL >>

We joined Nashville’s WSMV Channel 4More at Midday gang!

We had so much fun with the great crew at FOX2 News in the Morning St. Louis

It was an honor to appear on the Charlie Brennan Show at CBS’s KMOX!

Still pinching ourselves! Listen Now

Going Gypsy debuts as a #1 New Release on Amazon!

Going Gypsy debuts at #1 New Release on Amazon!

US News and World Report asked us what simple living means to us and why we live the way we do.

“Traveling throughout retirement may not be everyone’s idea of simple living, but David and Veronica say ditching the house was one of the best moves they ever made. ‘We are in a state of nearly constantly pinching ourselves… CONTINUE READING >>

Thank you Nashville for Making Going Gypsy Your #1 Bestseller!

Going Gypsy is the #1 Bestseller in Nashville!

From Empty Nest to No Nest in AARP’s Life Reimagined

Veronica and David James were living on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands when the last of their three kids flew off to college. Some of us might have opted to stay in that tropical paradise, but the Jameses knew they needed a change… SEE THE FULL STORY

We are proud to be picked as one of the Top 25 Senior Sites by Boomer Benefits.

We had a blast with Kim Bailey of News Talk Florida – talkin’ our craziest food experiences!.. CLICK TO LISTEN!

We ended up on Australian TV and all we had to do was jump out of an airplane!

Veronica was introduced to the Australian public by way of the amount of saliva she didn’t have in her mouth. Classic Veronica!
Thanks WIN News!

We appeared on WJOL with the wild and crazy Flash Girls!

Listen Now

GypsyNesters on TV!

Watch your GypsyNesters on Right This Minute!

We had a great time with those crazy kids on TV’s Right This Minute when we had a video go viral.

Click to see the segment!

So proud to be honored by TripAdvisor!

“Who says millennials do it better? When it comes to travel, age is but a number. As you think about retirement and all that free time you’ll have, consider taking a different approach.

TripAdvisor rounded up 20 baby boomer travel bloggers as inspiration to get out there and travel”… SEE ‘EM ALL >>

Deseret News intrigued us with some interesting Boomer stats and asked us to weigh in with our thoughts and experience!.. SEE THE FULL STORY

Going Gypsy on PBS's Next Avenue PBS’s Next Avenue recommended Going Gypsy!
4 Couples Who Went to the Extreme to Save Their Marriage
We appeared on the Roadtreking Podcast – lots of laughs! Listen here Going Gypsy in the Poughkeepsie Journal Going Gypsyprofile in the Poughkeepsie Journal
The GypsyNesters in Yahoo! Travel We were asked about our favorite roadtrips for Yahoo!
These two are fabulous! Listen to us banter with RV Family Travel Atlas!
Hear us yammerin’ on Generation Bold on Biz Talk Radio! Click to listen GypsyNester on Herald-Times The Herald-Times profiled us!

Huffington Post Logo
So excited that we’ve been profiled by
Abby Tegnelia in an article called World Travel With David And Veronica James, The ‘Gypsy Nesters’! Pretty nifty, eh?

Big fun! A quick clip that AARP’s Life Reimagined produced about us! It’s 30 secs of GypsyNester action-packed goodness!

Big thanks to TourRadar for asking us to contribute to this fun article about Amsterdam and Budapest!

ABC Radio did a three-part series with us – discussing everything from Going Gypsy to travel to life after kids!

Listen: Part One
Part TwoPart Three

USA Today asked us and some pretty weighty folks to weigh in on how we find ways to travel with purpose to enrich our experiences …  See the full article >>

Had a great time at the RV + Travel Summit!

Check us out talking about a BIG lesson learned in U.S. News & World Report!

When your kids leave home, you may worry about how they’re going to handle their money. But don’t forget to worry about yourself, too… SEE FULL ARTICLE >>

Huffington Post Logo
An article about us landed on the front page of Huffington Post.
Click here to see the full write up.

Feature story on the Home page of AOL:AOL Homepage

We are thrilled to be named a TOP COUPLE TRAVEL BLOGGERS 2018  by holiday lettings!

The uber-talented Sundance veteran Anne Flournoy of The Louise Log fame produced this hysterical 50-second short on her experience of reading Going Gypsy!
See Anne’s full post on Going Gypsy here

Psyched about this article in Medium!

“After packing their youngest off to college, the Gypsy Nesters hit the road and never looked back. ‘We’re going down in a ball of flames!’ says”… READ THE FEATURE HERE

Going Gypsy on Johnny Jet Our interview with the wonderful
Johnny Jet
Pink Pangea asked Veronica about what makes her tick!
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GypsyNesters on! profiled us – and other folks who think outside of the retirement box! Alana Newton had us on her show on Bold Radio!

Travel Blogs and More talked to us about becoming full time travelers.

We had a blast with this fun interview on

Have you ever had something really good happen to you out of the blue?

That’s how we felt when PBS’s Next Avenue contacted us saying that they were featuring us as a Sites We Love.

Shut up! we thought. This seriously can’t be happening. We freaking LOVE Next Avenue… CLICK TO SEE WHY WE ARE SO HONORED >>

The GypsyNesters on Experience 50 We appeared on the Experience 50 Podcast! So much fun! The GypsyNesters on Trip Advisor! Trip Advisor wondered where we’d send YOU on your honeymoon!
Pink Pangeainterviewed Veronica about her writing process GypsyNesters on Travel Pulse Travel Pulse asked the BIG questions about Going Gypsy!
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The GypsyNesters on The Midlife Guru The Midlife Guru reviewed Going Gypsy! The GypsyNesters on Tour Matters Tour Matters choose us as a Blog For Any Traveler!
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The GypsyNesters on Go Euro Go Euro asked us to reveal our secrets of Sicily A big thank you to Peggy McGranahan of Shaped by the Waves for this wonderful review of Going Gypsy.
Midlife at the Oasisfeatured Going Gypsy! Sneak peek!
Hilarious excerpt from Going Gypsy on Boomer Cafe!
Boomeresque gave Going Gypsy a nice nod! Proud to be picked as a Best Travel Blogs of 2018 by Credit Donkey!
GypsyNesters won gold in the Top Travel Blogs! We took home the Gold in this year’s Top 100 Travel Blogs dc39 DiscoverCorps named us a travel site to watch in 2016
Going Gypsy review from Living the Dream! Grandma’s Briefs reviewed Going Gypsy

Veronica appears on The Superb Woman!

It was an honor to speak at the Happiness After Loss Summit. Listen Karen at Enjoy Living Abroad wrote an elegent article about us! Check it out!
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Fun interview with bongyatra.

Thanks guys!

Our first UK interview! Watch Ceri Wheeldon of Fab After 50 ask us those burning questions you’ve always wanted to know:

jen Hear us discussing Going Gypsy on JenningsWire! The folks at food travelist also put in their two cents!
> Thanks to the folks at Go Nomad for the review! Very funny Going Gypsy review from Boomeresque!
Sneak peek!
Excerpt where David finds himself in a sticky situation!
A fun video interview where we answer all of your burning Going Gypsy questions!
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WATCH: We collectively kicked butt at AARP’s Celebration of Service!
See if you can pick out your GypsyNesters (actually, it’s hard to miss us!)

Thrilled to be picked as one of the
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How McCool are we? Charles McCool (we’re pretty sure that’s his real name!)
asked us questions and we spilled secrets!
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We were honored with a Top Travel Blogger of 2014 nod by Wanderu!




Main St. asked us to weigh in on
Totally Unexpected – and Affordable – Places You Will Want to See in 2015
Check out where to go!


The GypsyNesters learn to tango in Buenos Aires!

Stephanie Mayo over at The World as I See it interviewed us about our favorite places, memorable moments, weird regional food disasters and how travel has changed us.

Oh – and it’s the first time we’ve discussed the process of writing our upcoming book, Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All.

See the full interview here

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GypsyNesters on Amtrak! Remember our American Founding Cities Live-Blog? Amtrak reported on it too! GypsyNesters on Complete Senior! Complete Senior profiled us in their magazine just yesterday – we are so honored!

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GypsyNesters on Radio Roaming!
Want a good belly laugh? Listen in while we’re interviewed by Australian funny man Steve Collins of Radio Roaming!

GypsyNesters on!
We were asked by to weigh in on our favorite overrated tourist attraction!
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GypsyNesters on Serious Eats! Proud to have some of our Newfoundland eatin’ photos published on Serious Eats! GypsyNesters on Traveling Dan!
Yeah, we admit to being greedy travelers! Listen in while we’re interviewed by the Dan himself!

We love it when folks can relate to us – even when they are taking a much different path than we are! See out what Marcia has to say at Boomer Retirement Briefs!

Proud to be named one of the The Top 40 Most Inspiring Travel Blogs of 2018 by LuggageHero!

Check it out! We were named a Top 100 Travel Tweeter of 2014!
GypsyNester Radio Interview

In case you missed us live – here’s the podcast for our New Rules for Empty Nests interview with the warm and wonderful Sandy Fowler!


WOW! We were named #1 (!) on Indietravel’s Top 10 Travel Couples! Honored to be among this incredible talent!
See the full list here.

We sat down with the fabulous Chloe Jeffreys and discussed helicopter mom recovery, staying connected with our adult kids, reinventing middle-age, and the importance of reinvesting in your marriage after your nest empties.

We had such a great time “glamping” up the California Coast with Toyota!

Cheapoair logo

We’re excited that CheapOair spotlighted (spotlit?) us on their site! Check it out – click here!

The uber divine Miss Malini invited us to be a part of “How to become a World Famous Travel Blogger!” and how could we say no?

Even if we had to wake up at 3 AM to make primetime in India!

We are so honored to be a part of the brand spankin’ new WHOA! Network!

Here are the dynamic women of WHOA!, Darryle and Lynn, interviewing Veronica about life after kids, becoming brave, and why she became a GypsyNester.

A nice little write up on Yahoo!

Becca at Aging Insider calls us “5 Alarm Boomer Bloggers” and in this episode of her fabulous show, she says: “Richard Branson says, ‘Screw it, lets do it!’ and this is a couple who is embracing that motto.  The kids left for college and this rockstar couple left for the world…”
Best Day

A fun little publicity bump we did for while in Cancun, Mexico!

Go Erie

Ace reporter Pam Parker (is that a GREAT journo name or what?) of the Erie Times-News was kind enough to mention us in her hard-hitting write-up on the UFO house in Tennessee! See it here.

Quincy Herald-Whig

Our story about the “Nut Roll Nazi of Quincy, Illinois” was sniffed out by The Quincy Herald-Whig – and boy did they run with it! We were so pleased to be able to call even more attention to this fabulous old-fashioned bakery!


Thanks to KPAM Radio in Portland and the fabulous host Rod McLaughlin for giving us the opportunity to talk about one of our favorite things – food!

Click to listen!

We joined Jill and Claudia over at Empty Nester Radio.

Listen in as we answer their great questions and have a few laughs.

Thanks Nomadic Matt!

When Matt asked us, along with two other couples, if we could provide tips on how we travel full time without killing each other – we had to say yes!

Click here for the interview

50 Connect

50 Connect is one of Britain’s hottest sites! Known as “The Social Networking Site for Grown Ups.”
Click here for the whole interview.

Divergent Travelers

Those wacky kids over at Divergent Travelers asked us some fun and insightful questions when they interviewed us.

Check it out and learn some stuff about us that we’d never told you on our own!

We won!

Wow! We won the prestigious People’s Choice Senior Living Award as the Best Boomer Resource!

The competition was stiff – there were quite a few amazing sites that we were honored to be among – and the judges must have had quite a task making a choice.

Excited to be picked as one of the Top Outdoor Blogs You Can Read For Inspiration in 2017 by Thanks Shawn!

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