GypsyNesting in Your Own Backyard

much as we love our GypsyNester lifestyle, we understand that
chucking it all and hitting the highway is not something everybody
can do. Many of us have ties that can make it difficult —
if not impossible — to pull that off. With that in mind,
we like to periodically point out that there are plenty of
great GypsyNesting opportunities right in your own backyard.

A plethora of possibilities are playing out nearby no matter
where you call home.
You just have to know where to look.

Combines smashing into each other  at the Hillsdale County Fair

for signs, look for fliers or peruse the local press. Check
the newspaper’s Living or Entertainment sections or pick up
the area’s free weekly “What’s Happening” type magazine.

Read the ads, not just the articles. That’s how we found the Combine
Demolition Derby at The Hillsdale County Fair
and that was more
fun than any humans should ever be allowed to have.

High School football is great people watching!

fans can find diversions in any season, right in the area. Local
high schools have “Big Games”
almost every weekend.
The unbridled excitement of youth is contagious. Just don’t
get caught making out under the bleachers. Embarrassing at
any age.

Got a college
nearby? If so, great competition is happening almost everyday if
you look beyond the “big” sports. Check out a track meet,
game, tennis or golf match, gymnastics or swimming meet,
soccer, rugby… who knows, you could even become a fencing fanatic.

Labatt Park in London, Canada

price is usually right too… free. For a fee, the bigger
games are a blast too. We have had a ball at NCAA football
in the fall, basketball and hockey in the winter and what
better way to spend
a beautiful spring afternoon than to sit in the sun at a baseball

Speaking of baseball, is there a minor league squad nearby? If so, check them out. Quality play at a discount price with
the added bonus of close proximity to the umps for ease of sharing
“ideas” on the job he is doing.

Go to a concert!

Live in or near a college town? Universities
provide any number of diversions that otherwise may not be
available in smaller cities.

The theater and music departments
are performing, independent movies are showing and guest lecturers
are lecturing right now at schools all over the country.

College towns also attract concert tours that might normally only
hit the bigger cities. In our travels we caught both Bob
and The
in mid-sized, midwestern college towns.

While on campus,
pick up a class schedule — something may tickle your fancy.

The Mustard Museum in Mt. Horab, WI

every burg has a museum
of some kind
, a community theater, historic district and
certainly restaurants.

There must be a restaurant around that you’ve never tried
— try it or better yet, try several in an “Appy
” This is a GypsyNester favorite in any city. Pick
two or three interesting establishments and order appetizers and
crawl from place to place. We find this a great way to sample several
menus in one evening without destroying our credit rating. Additionally,
it forces us to walk between eateries, burning off calories as we

about State
or National Parks and Monuments
in your vicinity?

were set aside for a reason — there is something scenic,
unique or historic protected there. We have never been disappointed
on any visit to any park. Pack up a tent and get back to nature,
find a romantic lodge or rent an RV. Who says camping can’t include
soft beds, a full kitchen and a big screen TV? Now that’s roughing

Crab Fest in Port Angeles, Washington

none of these ideas strike your fancy — fear not — we saved
the best for last. For a guaranteed good time, just look for
an event
that has the word “fest” tacked onto the end of
. Nothing says wingding like the suffix “fest.”

Close off the streets, set
up the booths, bring on the bands and the deep-fried grub on-a-
stick, it’s party time!

Montreal Jazz Fest

prefer food-fests (like Mikey, we’ll try anything) but every
“fest” proposes the potential for fun and frivolity.
We’ve partaken in flower
, oyster
, salmon fests, bean fests, manatee fests, broom corn fests, magic fests, a gizzard
and even a testicle festival, or Testy
Festy (Rocky Mountain Oysters – ba-by!)

On those occasions
when organizers may have missed the golden opportunity to slap “fest”
onto their name, don’t hold it against them. Fairs, carnivals and
bazaars have possibilities too. A street fair can be nearly as fun
as a fest. We like to think that these smaller celebrations are
just learning to walk before they run. Someday they may well proudly
proclaim the title of “fest.”

Our idea is
that GypsyNesting is all about experiencing new things and embracing
the differences that abound in our world, so here’s one last idea:

Why not hit
the big city if you live in the country or kick back with some
time in the country if you’re breathing that big city air? Look
around, meet the citizenry, try the local fare.

With an open mind and strong stomach, you might just like it.

Your turn:
Did we miss anything? Please
leave a comment and share your ideas!

David & Veronica,

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13 thoughts on “GypsyNesting in Your Own Backyard”

  1. Empty nest syndrome begins the moment you realize it’s time to say goodbye to your children as children and hello to them as adults. This is a painful process for many parents and it often comes as bit of a shock when it hits. We become so caught up in the day to day business of raising our children that we wake up one day to realize they are leaving home and life will never be quite the same. Surviving Empty Nest depends on understanding that it is a transition like any other in life. It is an end, but it is also a beginning. It is a beginning that can lead to some of the best years of your life. There are some things you can do to help you through this life transition so that you will come through it without prolonged difficulty.

  2. I was so excited when I became a empty nester. We even got rid of our home phone because the only calls coming in were kids looking for our kids or sales people. We just use cell phones now, so when my phone rings I know it’s someone wanting to talk to just me. I’m glad I found you guys and look forward to seeing your posts.

  3. You mentioned something we discovered 4 years ago, the MiLB. We are a military family and the constant moving makes it hard to have a favorite team. But our family LOVES baseball. We discovered that the Minor League baseball team here is right in our “hometown”. We attend games for $11 per person! Another thing we enjoy are the jazz concerts put on my our local high school’s Jazz Band. They are wonderful,and it’s “free.99” to boot!

  4. A couple of my girlfriends and I were trying the dine in a different spot idea. Each month we were picking a different place to eat. Considering we lived in a smaller place it was amazing to find so many restaurants we had never tired before. None of us had kids at home but our lives were busy with different work schedules. This was a way to make sure we connected in person not just over the internet.

  5. I have taken my back yard back… !!! No more swingsets, sandboxs !! I LOVE to garden …just added two more garden boxes (for my veggie garden) to make a total of 5, which takes up ALL the room were the kids “stuff” used to be !! Added a couple fountains, bird feeders…wella.. my Shangri-La ! ♥

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