French Canadian Kiss

Lovers in a Montreal Park

I love the body language I captured here, so much sweet longing. The world has simply melted away for this young couple on a bench in the busy riverfront park just outside the Quays of the Old Port in Montreal.

For more on Montreal:

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14 thoughts on “French Canadian Kiss”

  1. HA – You guys make me laugh with The Piglet and Decibel! Hmm, that photo of the teenagers on the bench is a bit creepy and I hope they didn’t see you snapping away…
    I’m from Montreal so always interested in seeing what others think. Did you go up Mont-Royal? That is the No. 1 “must see” in Montreal (although most tourists seem to go to Old Montreal, which honestly is really just too touristy. And expensive). Poutine? Pls don’t think we all eat that crap. You didn’t mention how you liked it…its ok to say it’s kind of gross. Kart-O-Rama fun and I’m glad you guys enjoyed that. How was the DUCK? Been here 27 years and have never tried it.
    I had a mini-guide on Montreal on my site ( as well as a whole bunch of other posts and photos if some of your readers are interested in knowing more on Montreal.
    Always fun reading you guys!
    Frank (bbqboy)

  2. >Nice article, more Americans should visit YUL, You nade a little error–> we ventured into the heart of the former capital of Canada.

    Montreal was never the capital of Canada. It was the largest city in Canada until the 80's

    You folks ROCK!

  3. >uh….NOPE. I don't do fries with cheese and gravy. Maybe if I were a starving musher on the Ididerod, I MIGHT, slim might, I MIGHT think about it.

  4. >I am going to eat fried cheese curds and such next week at the MN State Fair, but that pic looks Imodium-worthy.

  5. >Would you eat poutine? French fries, turkey gravy and fresh cheese curds layered upon each other in an artery clogging parfait of tastiness. What do you think people? Would you eat it?

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