Mardi Gras – A Tale of Two Towns

Asking around, we got conflicting answers to the question, “Where do we spend the actual day of Mardi Gras?”

We had spent almost three weeks in Acadiana, celebrating all things Mardi Gras, but still hadn’t landed on where to spend the big day.

Narrowing our many choices down to two, we focused on Eunice and Mamou, … Continue reading “Mardi Gras – A Tale of Two Towns”

Erotic Art in the Lupanar in Pompeii

Lupanar is a common Latin term for brothel, and this was easy for the excavators of Pompeii to identify by the suggestive sex scenes painted on the walls.

Speculation is that the erotic paintings may have served as a menu of sorts. If that weren’t enough for a positive ID, rather lurid graffiti was also found left by both … Continue reading “Erotic Art in the Lupanar in Pompeii”